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About Jenny

_MG_1347About Jennifer

I am the author of WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love and creator of The LIFE M.A.P. (Mindset Alignment Program). I am a certified life coach, personal trainer, teacher, author, Ironman triathlete, and single parent. I help people conquer overwhelm and a sense of hopelessness.  I guide them as they move away from chaos and clutter and right into the arms of bliss. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Oh baby, it truly is!

My goal is to help people change their mindsets so they can change their lives. Using various strategies and tools, I facilitate as they redesign lifestyle habits and mindsets from the ground up and the heart out!

Connect with Me

Please follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Hit up my website, to follow my blog and check out my life coaching programs. I LOVE chatting with awesome people (just like you) so, drop me a line at jenny sparks at hotmail dot ca.

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