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Where in the World is Jenny?

Book Tour: Join me on The WTF to OMG Book Tour (online and off) – Exact dates & times TBA

I love this virtual book tour I have going on! Not only am I having exciting conversations with people but I am stretching myself in our discussions! This Monday my stop is at GROW COACHING and I am featured in Gillian’s Meet This Mom Series – so hop on over for a peek!

  • March 10, 2014 – G.Row Coaching’s Meet This Mom Series  – Interview with Gillian – we had a little chit chatty and had a good conversation. Gillian asked me some hard questions, and you might be surprised at some of my answers

If you missed the first stop on my Virtual Book Tour, hop on over and listen to the replay. Line and I had a great conversation and I have enjoyed reader and listener feedback. There is always more to add to any idea being mulled over in my head :)

  • March 5th, 2014 – 10 am – Exceeding Awesome  Radio Show with Line Brunet (recording available on iTunes after the show) You can still hear the replay if you click the link! Hope you enjoy the show!

And stay tuned for my next stop! It will be in the very near future and at a very blissful place.  There is a free give-a-way involved in this one!! So stay tuned and you could win!!


WTF to OMG: Virtual Book Tour & Give-a-ways!

Virtual WTF to OMG Book Tour

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.11.30 AMI am excited to announce that for the next few months I will be getting around! WTF to OMG (well, really it’s me) is going on a Virtual Book Tour! I will announce a couple of the first events below, but stay tuned to find me in some new places on the big old World Wide Web.

First off, on March 5th the lovely Line Brunet is going to be chatting with me on her Radio Show, Exceeding Awesome! These episodes are recorded so you can pop over for a listen if you can’t catch the live show! Click the above link to get all the details! You can even have an email sent to you as a reminder!

The following Monday, March 10th Gillian Rowinski from g.Row Coaching has interviewed me for her blog series, MEET THIS MOM. I am super excited about this interview because she is really addressing the issue of perfection and how we accept our imperfections to move on towards doing good. Also, she knows Saskatchewan so she could fully relate to me saying it is freezing here! I really enjoyed my chat with Gillian and I hope you will too.

I have some other exciting stops in the works and I will let you know when and where I will be popping up!

I am also going to be taking part in some in-person events, contests and other grooooovy events.

April 2, 2014 at 7pm – McNally Robinson Booksellers: I will be hosting a book signing but I will also be speaking at this event. This gives me a chance to really provide some insight into how the tools and strategies I now use daily really helped me move my life to a place where I know I can make anything happen.

I am so excited to be working closely with another awesome Saskatoon health & wellness business to provide a unique contest which involves some serious give-a-ways — so make sure to check back and watch my Facebook feed for these announcements!

Please feel free to comment on my Facebook page after you see or hear these interviews! All feedback is most welcome!

jen-hs1Jennifer is the bestselling author of WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love.  She is a certified life coach & personal trainer, a two time Ironman triathlete, teacher, and single mother of two. You can find her online at  or and on Facebook.

7 Ways to Escape Being a Perfectionist

perfectly imperfectIf you’re a perfectionist, you probably find that it’s a challenging way to live. In most cases, it’s a road to disappointment and dissatisfaction. It can also have a negative effect on the relationships in your life and how you feel about your own worth. If you are NOT perfect, then you are less worthy. This creates a huge problem because, well…. Nobody IS perfect!

When you’re a perfectionist, it seems like nothing can ever be good enough. There is always ONE MORE THING that could be done to make something better. Perfectionism consists of demanding a higher level of performance than the situation dictates. The key to excellence is finding an optimum performance level to achieve good results without selling your soul or destroying your self-worth.

These tips will help you escape your quest for perfectionism:

1. Give yourself a break. Eliminating the urge to have everything be perfect takes time. It’s important to start slowly and congratulate yourself for each victory, even the small ones. Set reasonable goals and reward your accomplishments.
2. Provide everyone else a break, too. Trying to be perfect and expecting the same from others is an attempt to control them. This can be off-putting because others want to be free to act without being criticized. Make others feel great instead of judging them!
3. Learn how to see all the variations. Just because something is less than 100% doesn’t mean it equals zero. That’s an overly simplified way of dealing with the world.

  • Avoid viewing everything as all-or-nothing. The subtleties of life hold most of the beauty of the world. Open your eyes and consider everything.
  • Learn to understand when something is good enough and then move on to the next thing. Spending more time or effort than necessary is far from being perfect. If you think about it, perfectionism a way of being excessive and inefficient. (When I realized this one, I really took a step backwards and examined how my drive to be perfect was actually destroying the beauty in things around me!)

4.  Avoid over-emphasizing negative results. View these situations as anomalies, rather than evidence of anything else. Avoid giving negative results more relevance than they deserve.

5.  Develop your sense of humour. With a good sense of humour, you can shift your perspective quickly and easily. This makes it easier to deal with those situations that turn out less than perfect.

6. Realize that most mistakes aren’t fatal. Nearly any mistake can be rectified. When things go in an unplanned direction, go with the flow. This can be challenging for a perfectionist.

  • Avoid letting your emotions lead you to a negative, unproductive state. Instead, be proactive and start coming up with solutions that will still take you to your goal. They may include a temporary detour, or take longer than originally planned, but the end result will be satisfactory.

7. Avert the urge to use perfectionism as a way to procrastinate. Some perfectionists avoid beginning a task that’s less than desirable. Getting started and making a few mistakes is more preferable than doing nothing at all or getting started too late. (When I wrote my book, WTF to OMG, I got to the point where I had to let it move into the publishing stage. I knew there were things I wanted to change because it wasn’t perfect yet but if I waited to make it perfect my book never would have been published. I am making changes now and will need to let go again to continue improving the book and my life.)

Perfectionism can negatively impact your life because it’s an ineffective and unenjoyable way to live. Learn to let go of your need to be perfect. You’ll be more pleased with your life and feel much happier. Your loved ones will be happier, too! These tips can get you off to a great start and help free you from perfectionism!

Please feel free to comment on my Facebook page about your battle with perfectionism and share your tips for moving past it!

jen-hs1Jennifer is the bestselling author of WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love.  She is a certified life coach & personal trainer, a two time Ironman triathlete, teacher, and single mother of two. You can find her online at and and on Facebook.

6 Tips for Thinking Big and Realizing Your Dreams


Start today. Think big, act on these thoughts and create a life you love.

Thinking big can change your entire life.

Especially if you know how to get yourself from where you are now to the big dreams you have for your life. However, most of us never reach the  level of accomplishment that we dream of, mainly because of “small” thinking.

Thinking big requires thick skin. If your plans are significant, plenty of people will do and say little things that can be discouraging. The biggest achievers have to face this challenge all the time. Learn to ignore it, share your dreams in a supportive environment, or consider keeping your plans to yourself and blow their effing socks off before they can tell you “oh no you can’t!”

If you want to think big, try these tips:

Consider what will happen if you don’t think big. You’ll regret the things you didn’t do far more than the things that didn’t work out. So take a few minutes and imagine how you’ll feel if you never even try. Think about how you’ll feel 10 years from now. Sometimes pain is the greatest motivator. How much pain will you feel if you don’t take action today?

Be brave enough to let your creativity shine. You’re more creative than you realize. Just watch a child play by himself. You still have that ability to create with your mind. But if you’re like most adults, you’ve learned to stifle or ignore it. It might be your greatest strength. Let it out.

Stretch beyond your comfort zone. If you’re not making yourself at least a little uncomfortable, you’re not thinking big. If something seems comfortable to you, you’re probably already doing it. If you’re already doing it, it’s not going to take you to the next level.

    • Learning to deal with discomfort is an important part of achieving anything new. If you have enough motivation, anything is possible. Learning to lower your discomfort through healthy means is a valuable skill.

It’s easier than it has ever been. The Internet and other forms of mass communication have made it easier to go global than ever before. All that’s required is success on a local level. That success can then be propagated to other places. Think about how difficult it would’ve been to spread your ideas to other countries 50 years ago.

Use your emotions as a guide. You’ll know you’re on to something when you’re overwhelmed with positive emotion. Keep thinking big until you come up with an idea that truly moves you. Then keep thinking and see if you can come up with something even better.

    • If you’re like most adults, you’ve become too logical and practical. But you have more capability to do the things that truly excite you than you realize. What do you really want to do? What excites you?

Spend time each day thinking big thoughts. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes each day coming up with great ideas. If you already have your great idea, spend the time developing ways to make it a reality. Keep improving your plan. 

  • Make it a part of your daily routine. One possibility is to go to bed earlier and spend 30 minutes letting your imagination run wild before you sleep.

Most of us think too small. We underestimate ourselves. We worry about failure. We worry about being too successful. But the world needs your big ideas, and you must think big to realize your ultimate potential for your own sake, too.

Think big and have a life that is exciting and fruitful. Think big and you’ll reach the end of your life free of regrets.

If you need help getting started, need some support to keep you focused and to be there if you stumble, check out my OMG Sessions. Not only do we address DREAMING BIG, I teach you some strategies inside the course to help you put dreams into motion. Hope to see you on the other side!

jen-hs1Jennifer is the bestselling author of WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love.  She is a certified life coach & personal trainer, a two time Ironman triathlete, teacher, and single mother of two. You can find her online at and and on Facebook.

Goals Over Obstacles

Happy mid January! I am curious to know how many of you have started ACTING on the goals you wish to achieve and if so, I would love to know in what capacity. Are you winning the goals over obstacles battle? Jump over to my Facebook Page and comment!

I was thinking today about how many people struggle to realize their goals and the excuses (we all have them) they use to justify their inability to stick to a plan. I was also thinking about all these obstacles that people say hold them back and then I had the oddest thought…

If obstacles are what hold us back from reaching our dreams and realizing our goals, what if we put obstacles in place to keep us from engaging in habits that help us fail?

goals obstacles

Change your thinking, reach your goals.

I mean … if we are wanting to eat clean, the obstacle we put in place is that we do not bring the cookies into the house, right? Then, when we want a cookie the obstacles of getting dressed and walking to the store to get the cookies can keep us from slipping.

I know you have heard it before, “Just don’t bring the crappy foods in the house!” But, I like the idea of looking around my life and thinking about all the habits I want to change and then brainstorming ways that I can create obstacles to keep me from engaging in a habit that is NOT helping me reach my goal. It is a new perspective on a common problem.

So this is kind of a dare…

1. Examine your life as your currently live it.

2. Identify a habit you wish to break. (How about how much time you spend on Facebook or watching TV?)

3. Think of three obstacles you can put in place to help you FAIL at participating in the old habit. This is where it can get fun! I am going to tackle the TV watching issue. So here are three obstacles I am going to put in place to help me fail at watching TV.

  • I am going to remove the cable cord from the wall and the TV. And, then I am going to put the cable cord downstairs in the office.
  • I am going to take the batteries out of the 5 million remotes and place them in a bowl by the TV.
  • I am going to place the baskets of remotes in the bedroom, away from the TV.

{Yes, I am maybe overdoing it but I guess it depends how bad your habit is!}

Now, imagine it’s after work and I need to make dinner but I want to sit down and watch some TV “for a moment” (oh, oh TV watching vortex). I try to turn on the TV but first I have to go and get the remotes. Then, I have to find the right batteries for each remote. (And, I have to put the batteries in correctly to get power – easier said than done because now I need my reading glasses!)  This sure seems like work. I am reminded WHY I set all these obstacles up for myself in the first place…. do I go and get the cable? No, I decide to focus on dinner, I do a few chores, I walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill, shower and climb in to bed with a book.

What have I accomplished by NOT watching TV? How have obstacles actually ended up SERVING me?

Ok, it’s your turn. I dare you to find a habit that does NOT serve your goals and then create obstacles to help you fail at taking part in that habit (forcing you to do what you really NEED to do to achieve your goal). Have fun with this. And if you think you have a kick ass obstacle, please share it out!

Til next time,

Chase OMG. Always.

photo credit: tgratton77 via photopin cc

Happy New YOU Year!

Happy New Year!

What a great time to start a shiny new blog on my recently launched book site,!

Just a quick recap, WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love was published October 31. 2013. It is now available locally in Saskatoon at McNally Robinson, d’Lish Cafe, Just for You Day Spa (Saskatoon & Regina) and at Brainsport. It is also available online at Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 10.58.19 AM

This week WTF to OMG hit #4 on the Bestsellers List at McNally and I have a book signing scheduled for Saturday, Jan 4th (1-3pm) atMcNally. If you have bought the book and want your copy signed or you have interest in a copy, please come on down on Saturday and say hello! The most rewarding part about becoming an author has been the feedback I receive from my readers.  Every time someone emails me to share a connection they have made between the book and their own life, I find myself thankful for taking a risk and putting my humanness out there, with the intention to encourage others to create a life they love.  If you have questions, suggestions or feedback I would love to hear from you!

In January, I am launching “The OMG Sessions” with the sole objective of teaching people how they can change their lives. You can learn more about the sessions at Bottom line is that for less than $100 I will teach you how to change your life. If you are prepared to show up and be brave, bold and dig in to do the work, together we can make 2014 your best year yet!



Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 10.52.22 AM

And one little confession about the pressure of New Year resolutions…

I don’t really make them. Last year, I tried something new. I picked a theme for the year and decided that when it was time to make a choice, I would check in to see how that choice rested with my theme. I know you are curious, my theme last year was BLISS. And, quite frankly I rocked the socks off that theme. Yes, shit still happened. Yes, sometimes I was ass deep in alligators but with all my tools, I only ever stay there briefly (and that is only to assess the situation) and then I get my ass moving! It is all about ACTION. If you take action, things change. If you bat a ball on a string, it moves. If you sit there starting at it, talking about it, and strategizing how you could swat it, NOTHING HAPPENS. You have to make the move! Simple. (Yeah, except for all that fear we harbour, and the little voices in our heads that tell us we are not good enough, and the procrastinator in all of us that says, “Monday I will start” or “I will start in 2014” — Start NOW!  With this approach, I make goals and check in on my progress regularly throughout the year. I schedule things into my planner, so that if done, these actions move me towards my goals. And wouldn’t you know it, all these little baby steps add up and change is the result. And, sometimes it is HUGE change!

So pick your theme for the year and then hop on over to my SWIFTKICK Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching Facebook Page and share it with me! So I can praise you for taking a step into a NEW YOU!

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